High flyers reduce costs while providing 24x7 access and premium service for premium customers.

The travel industry is in a state of change for some time now and this will continue. Companies are adopting various strategies such as low-cost and high service. Keeping costs low for the majority of transactions while providing superior service to high value customers is enabled by PureCT Server

Other challenges you face are high staff turnover, controlling costs, accurate forecasting and providing superior service even in peak traffic times. Our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with leading travel companies, so you know they will meet your most demaniding needs.

Managing and forecasting agent schedules to address peaks and troughs in your inbound operation is a major function for call centre managers. PureCT Callbacks Q4U has many ways of smooting out even unpredicted peaks in your inbound traffic.

PureCT Server Options for you

Email Queuing (EQ) new

Blend emails with normal phone calls to ensure your email queries are dealt with efficiently...more

Callbacks Q4U

Smooth out the peaks and troughs in your inbound traffic...more


Increased efficiency when making and managing a large number of outbound calls...more

Desktop Dialer

Automate dialing from you legacy systems...more

Data Based Routing

Make sure your best customers get the best service...more

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