Self Service gives better service and cuts costs.

Self Service is all about offering customers the option of greater efficiency and accuracy through the use of automation.

Most analysts agree that customers must be given a reward for choosing the self service option. Either in terms of a more efficient service, or an actual reduction in the cost of the service call. Otherwise, customers will not choose the self service option, and will choose the "full serve" option.

Self service means that you can divert a percentage of your callers to automatic transactions. It also means that you are open for business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your customers, self service provides the option of dealing with your company in any manner and at any time they like.

You need systems that will reduce the cost of each contact made. You need systems that are easy to use and totally flexible to meet your ever changing needs. And you need the data to support your ultimate goal of fast return on investment.

Our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with leading contact centres, so you know they will meet your most demaniding needs.

PureCT Server Options for you

Callbacks Q4U

Many of your customers will opt to be served when the contact centre is not busy...more

Data Based Routing

Route the caller straight to the agent who has been assigned to their problem ...more

Simple IVR

Cost effective self service for your contact centre...more

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