More than 120,000 customers are experiencing improved service through PureCT.

Inbound contact centres are typically for sales or customer service. The problems faced by inbound contact centres are unique - fluctuating traffic loads, staff forecasting and staff turnover to mention but a few. Providing superior customer service is a must while keeping costs down.

PureCT adds the intelligence to your contact centre that is needed to address these issues. For example, keeping costs low for the majority of transactions while providing superior service to high value customers is enabled by PureCT Server

Our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with leading inbound contact centres, so you know they will meet your most demanding needs.

Managing and forecasting agent schedules to address peaks and troughs in your inbound operation is a major function for call centre managers. PureCT Callbacks Q4U has many ways of smoothing out even unpredicted peaks in your inbound traffic.


PureCT Server Options for you

Email Queuing EQ new

Blend emails with normal phone calls to ensure your email queries are dealt with efficiently...more

Callbacks Q4U

Smooth out the peaks and troughs in your inbound traffic...more


Use call blending to make outbound calls during inbound traffic lulls...more

Screen Pop

Cut the cost of handling every call...more

Data Based Routing

Make sure your best customers get the best service...more

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