Help Desks get faster closure with PureCT Server.

Help Desks are some times innundated with traffic, for example, due to a major fault. Often customers know about the fault before the help desk does.

Solutions are needed that can deal with large traffic peaks, can route calls intelligently, and can reduce the time needed for every call.

For example, PureCT Data Based Routing can route calls based on the callers trouble ticket number. Even routing the call to the agent who last dealt with the caller, or who has been assigned to the open trouble ticket.

PureCT Visual Call Waiting can enable your agents to filter out the most important calls during a high traffic or fault situation.

You need systems that will reduce the cost of each contact made. You need systems that are easy to use and totally flexible to meet your ever changing needs. And you need the data to support your ultimate goal of fast return on investment.

Our solutions have been developed in close collaboration with leading help desks, so you know they will meet your most demaniding needs.

PureCT Server Options for you

Email Queuing EQ new

Blend emails with normal phone calls to ensure your email queries are dealt with efficiently...more

Data Based Routing

Route the caller straight to the agent who has been assigned to their problem ...more

Visual Call Waiting

Empower agents during traffic peaks...more

Screen Pop

Cut the cost of handling every call...more

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