Financial Services companies bank on PureCT for efficient collections, improved customer service and stronger customer retention

To keep costs down while becoming more customer centric is a major goal of financial institutions in todays economic climate. At the same time, this must be achieved in a multichannel environment, with customers using many methods to make contact. Opportunities to upsell and cross-sell arise and must be efficiently managed.

Collections departments benefit greatly from the improved efficiency and reduced costs associated with our outbound PureCT Options, SimpleDial and Desktop Dialler.

Customer retention, cross-selling and up-selling can be made more streamlined and produce quantifiable results with SimpleDial outbound campaigns

Managing and forecasting agent schedules to address peaks and troughs in your inbound operation is a major function for call centre managers. PureCT Callbacks Q4U has many ways of smooting out even uupredicted peaks in your inbound traffic.

PureCT Server Options for you

Email Queuing EQ new

Blend emails with normal phone calls to ensure your email queries are dealt with efficiently...more

Callbacks Q4U

Smooth out the peaks and troughs in your inbound traffic...more


Increased efficiency when making and managing a large number of outbound calls...more

Desktop Dialer

Automate dialing from you legacy systems...more

Screen Pop

Make every inbound call go faster and more efficiently...more

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