PureCT Soft Phone

P R E L I M I N A R Y: This information is preliminary and is provided to get your suggestions and feedback on features for this product. This product is currently in development, due for release later this year. Please click here to email us comments or feature reQ.htmluests.

PureCT Soft Phone is a lightweight yet full featured applet that will bring real efficiency to your call centre or knowledge workers. Soft Phone allows your agents to control their telephone through a simple and lightweight interface on their PC. Mouse clicks or keyboard can be used to answer calls, transfer calls or place calls. More complex features can also be performed with a single mouse click or key press.

Pure CT Soft Phone Benefits

  • The most cost effective Soft Phone for Avaya communications systems.
  • Efficiency through dialing lists and automation of complex featurs
  • Cut training costs
  • Eliminate errors such as dropped calls while trying to transfer !!
  • Cut the cost of handling each call.
  • A simple solution to implement and maintain.
  • Can integrate with any CRM or database.

PureCT Soft Phoneis a high quality IVR, based on maximising the use of your current Symposium Call Centre components such as Meridian Mail and Reporting. SimpleIVR gets the most out of your current Symposium Call Centre components to create an IVR system with...

  • Answer call
  • Make call
  • Transfer
  • Auto-transfer destinations
  • Conference
  • Auto conference destinations
  • Activity codes
  • Not Ready (with reason codes)
  • Hold
  • Login / out
  • Charge codes

Product Highlights


Avaya Compatible
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