PureCT SimpleIVR

When you need a high quality IVR solution for your Symposium Call Centre, but do not want the complexity of full scale IVR, SimpleIVR is the solution. Just by adding our software to your Symposium Call Centre, you can have advanced IVR functionality to produce applications such as:

  • Connect callers to your business databases.
  • Self service account enquiries.
  • Order entry.
  • IVR based screen pop for agents.
  • Ref number verification and routing.
  • Callback reQ.htmluests.
  • Route to favourite agent.


  • The most cost effective IVR for Symposium Call Centre.
  • Allow your customers do business with you 24 hours a day.
  • Cut costs by having some customers use "Self Service".
  • Improve customer service by routing callers to correct agent, fast.
  • Build relationships with your customers to better meet their needs.
  • Retain more agents through satisfaction with customer relationships.
  • Impress your customers with your efficiency.
  • Cut the cost of handling each call.
  • A simple solution to implement and maintain.
  • Can integrate with any CRM or database.

SimpleIVR Features
SimpleIVR is a high quality IVR, based on maximising the use of your current Symposium Call Centre components such as Meridian Mail and Reporting. SimpleIVR gets the most out of your current Symposium Call Centre components to create an IVR system with...

  • Database access to any database or CRM.
  • Screen pop for agent with details gathered from IVR.
  • Full call flow control.
  • Intrinsics include CLID, DNIS, etc.
  • multilingual voice prompts.
  • Prompt recorder.
  • Collect callers DTMF.
  • Reports.

Product Highlights


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