PureCT Server - Intelligence options for your call centre.

PureCT™ Server is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools which help contact centres improve customer experience, enhance agent performance, and manage operational costs more effectively. PureCT’s modular design enables you to meet your current business needs, and to meet your future needs by simply enabling additional options.

PureCT™ Server Options range from robust inbound tools, to sophisticated dialling and session management for outbound call centres. These enhance your call centre platform and reduce your operational costs, while giving you superior customer service.

PureCT™ Server has been specifically designed to be the perfect companion for your Avaya Symposium or Meridian Contact Centre. PureCT™ Server is built using advanced WebService and Computer Telephony technologies and is an evolving product that will pay for itself in months.

PureCT™ Server is designed to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your agents, reduce costs and provide the clear information you need to manage the growth of your business. Our products are based on industry standard platforms to insure ease of implementation and long term supportability: the key to a positive return on your investment.

Product Highlights


Avaya Compatible
You will have no fears about how Q4U performs with your Avaya systems: AACC, CS1000, ... more
Case Studies and commentsl
Our customers show that SimpleDial is delivering results and impact on the bottom line...more
Local Supply & Support
Supported and supplied by local Avaya Networks distributors throughout Europe. These offer 24x7 support or a support contract customised to meet your needs...more
Guaranteed Efficiency
50-300% improvement in productivity. Typical customers are doing twice as much with SimpleDial as without...more
Guaranteed Fast ROI
Affordable for 2 to 200 agents. SimpleDial has a typical ROI of less than 6 months... more
Market Research
Industry analysts predict the market for dialers is resurging - you may be involved in outbound calling campaigns sooner that you think... more
Feature Rich
SimpleDial has all the Big System features you need but designed in an innovative way to eliminate complexities. Features such as preview, progressive, reports, call bleanding, callbacks, call scripting, web client... more

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