PureCT Visual Call Waiting (QView)

"Inbound and abandoned calls are displayed on the agent desktop"

When standard queueing intelligence is not enough, let your agents decide which call to take next. PureCT Visual Call Queueing provides a color coded list of callers for agents to simply click to answer any call in the list.

PureCT Visual Call Waiting (Qview) captures the information on the calls waiting in the queue and displays it in a web client on the agents desktop. The agents can answer any call on the call waiting list by a single click on the telephone number. Information such as CLID, Name, priority, skillset , or other information from your database, can be displayed. Agents log into the system using a web based client. The agent answers the call by clicking on the number on the screen.

Calls that abandon are removed from the inbound queue and moved to an abandoned list which is displayed as a link on the agent's screen. In the list of abandon calls, each customer is represented by one row which is coloured acoording to their priority in the original inbound call. Agent can toggle between the inbound waiting list and the abandon list. During quiet inbound traffic periods, the agent can start to callback the customers listed on the abandon screen

For abandoned calls, an agent clicks on the customers number on the Qview screen and the customer's number is automatically dialed. When the call is finished a pop up window asks the agent to mark the call as finished or set up a retry time. Finished calls are deleted from the list.

QView benefits

  • Ultimate flexibility in call answering for your call centre.
  • Increase service level for important calls
  • Empowers agents to select premium customers.
  • No more lost calls
  • Inbound and outbound solution
  • Recapture lost revenue opportunities


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