10 years of innovation

Below you’ll find access to everything you need to know to add intelligence to your contact centre giving you superior customer service and maximum efficiency. These PureCT Server Options can be added to your PureCT Server as you need them.

PureCT Server

Intelligent options for your call centre. Read this section first for an overview of each of the intelligent options below.

PureCT SimpleDial

Make intelligent outbound campaigns using SimpleDial.

PureCT BCM Dialler - NEW

A dialler specially designed for ,and guaranteed campatible with, your Nortel BCM system.

PureCT Callbacks Q4U

For a fantastic customer service hit, or to spread your call load, let your customers hang up and hold their place in the queue for a return call.

PureCT Abandon Call Monitor

Catch customers who "walk away" and use idle agent time well. Abandon Call Monitor allows any agent call these customers with a single click.

PureCT Desktop Dialer

Add dialling automation to any Windows based application,
even host access " Green Screens "

PureCT Visual Call Waiting

When standard queueing intelligence is not enough, let your agents decide which call to take next. Visual Call Queueing provides a color coded list of callers for agents to simply click to answer any call in the list.

PureCT Data Based Routing

Use the intelligence in your own database to route your callers, especially the most important (valuable)ones.

PureCT Screen Pop

Screen pop of calling customers data before the call is answered - a real customer service improving application.

PureCT Soft Phone

Our Soft Phone provides an easy way to reliably access the complex features of your Nortel PBX and Call Centre...coming soon.

PureCT SimpleIVR

Software only IVR add-on for your Symposium, with data access and screen pop, for a fraction of the price of full IVR systems.

PureCT Custom Options

PureCT Server has been specially designed to enable fast and reliable addition of custom solutions for your contact centre.

Product Milestones

Launched SimpleDial Pro; certified Nortel Networks compatible product.
Appointed Developer Partner with Nortel Networks.
Added Data Based Routing to PureCT Server
Added HotDial and SimpleDial Express to PureCT Server.
Added Q4U, QView, AView to PureCT Server
Now covering most of EMEA through our local distributors. Q4U certified Nortel Compatible

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