PureCT Desktop Dialer (HotDial)

CT Solutions are pleased to announce the latest addition to the range of productivity aids for outbound calling. These tools are designed to improve the productivity of agents who make a lot of outbound calls in a typical day. PureCT Desktop Dialer (HotDial) is an entry level dialler suitable for outbound call centres that make a lot of outbound calls, but on a less intensive basis.

The benefits of HotDial are in improving the amount of time your agents spend talking to customers while eliminating unproductive time and eliminating dialling errors and tedium.

HotDial is a desktop applet that you can launch via a hotkey, from any Windows application, to automatically dial any telephone numbers in the currently open document or application.

For example, HotDial can be used to scan a host access session ("green screen") for telephone numbers and then dial one of them automatically.

HotDial benefits

  • Automate outbound calling
  • Eliminate dialling errors
  • Works with any Windows application
  • Even works with host access ("Green Screens")
  • Utilizes the advanced features of your symposium investment


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