PureCT Data Based Routing

Route and prioritise calls based on business data such as...

  • Callers open trouble ticket
  • Callers account value
  • Current business conditions

Now callers to your call centre can be routed based on your business data. For example, route and prioritise a call based on the callers account status.

“Caller input based routing is miles more reliable and functional than using CLID to route calls!”

Data Based Routing uses voice prompts to ask callers to enter information on who they are (e.g. account number) and what they want. This allows calls to be routed intelligently to the right agent or group of agents and with the right priority. You can use this in any call centre, including:

  • Help Desk : route callers with open problems to the person they last dealt with.
  • Support Centre : route high revenue callers with expired support credits to the top of the sales queue.
  • Fulfilment : route depending on the status of the callers order.

“Use your valuable resources wisely... give high revenue customers individual and superior service! ”

Cost Effective:
This solution can be implemented for you for far less than the traditional IVR based solution. That is because our design uses the capabilities already included with your Symposium Call Centre and our PureCT Server.

Data Based Routing benefits :

  • Make sure high revenue callers are given the best treatment.
  • Eliminate inefficient transfers by routing to the correct agent or group the first time.
  • Build relationships with your customers to better meet their needs.
  • Retain more agents through satisfaction with customer relationships.
  • Impress your customers with your efficiency.
  • Cut the cost of handling each call.
  • A simple solution to implement and maintain.*
  • The most cost effective method of achieving caller input based routing.
  • Can integrate with any CRM or database.

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