PureCT Custom Options - technology that fits !

In addition to the standard PureCT Server Options we offer bespoke development services that are tailored to fit your business needs. With vast industry experience behind them, our team of developers and consultants are able to offer professional consultancy, development and Project Management that ultimately results in timely delivery of bespoke, best-of breed solutions that precisely service your reQ.htmluirements. Working closely with you, we offer a range of highly focussed skills, both telephony and non-telephony related, from PureCT Product implementation, legacy and new design integration or even completely new green-field projects. Why not contact us and see what CT-Solutions can do for you and your business.

Every company, every organisation has particular needs and reQ.htmluirements.
     If you can imagine an application for your contact centre, then
          PureCT Custom Options can make your dream a reality.

PureCT Server has been specifically designed to allow easy addition of custom features. With over 10 years of design and development experience behind us we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions that go beyond simply empowering telephony. Our developers and consultants come from a wide base of industry sectors and can offer:

  • Consultancy,
  • Project Management,
  • Application Integration,
  • Green Field Solution Development

Either telephony related or pure software development, CT-Solutions offers cutting edge, best of breed bespoke solutions that will fit your business.

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