BCM Dialler

For small call centres that want to make a big impact

  • OPEN UP more sales channels
  • IMPROVE your completion rate
  • ENERGISE your agents
  • CONTROL your outbound operations
  • PRODUCE outstanding and quantifiable results.


  • Guaranteed compatibility with your Avaya BCM system.
  • Proven up to 200% agent productivity improvements by automatically dialling the calls and detecting busy and no-answer.
  • Gives Control of your outbound operation.
  • Ultra reliable software-only solution.
  • Energises your agents.
  • Full reporting option.
  • Multi-number dial capability 
  • Call blending option.


Multi-number Dial - Customers now have many different ways to contact them, mobile, home phone, work etc. BCM Dialler allows for up to 5 numbers to be dialled for each contact , in a preferred dialling seQ.htmluence, thus increasing efficiency as well as increasing the success rate.

Best time to call / best number to call - Dial Sequences work by allocating periods of the day where Dial Sequences are different. For example, in the mornings you may want your campaign to dial the customer’s home number first followed by his mobile if there is no connection followed by his work number. Then in the afternoon you may want to dial his work number first followed by his mobile etc.

Campaign Management - BCM Dialler simplifies the process of managing multiple campaigns. From a single access point, managers can establish, configure, and monitor multiple campaigns.

Recycling Strategies - BCM Dialler will automatically manage contact recycling based on your operational or campaign reQ.htmluirements.

Database Connectivity - BCM Dialler is ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant enabling you to connect to other ODBC compliant databases. Through this connection, data can easily be imported or exported to the BCM Dialler database.

Progressive and Preview Dialling - The agents’ screens display the outbound account information. When they disconnect from the previous call; the system initiates the next call immediately.

Scheduled Callbacks - BCM Dialler manages pre-determined callback appointments to maximize the sales or service opportunity. Agents can establish a date and time specific appointment for a follow-up call which will be automatically managed by BCM Dialler.


Call Blending - Matching workload to staffing levels is easier with call blending. Agents can be assigned to inbound activities and outbound campaigns simultaneously without the risk of negatively affecting service levels. Blending occurs automatically based on the inbound call volume and your outbound objectives.

Scripting - Maintain high performance standards with easy-to implement customized scripting. You can easily build a workflow process to help agents effectively deliver your message, your way. For optimal performance, rebuttal keys and hints can easily be included to guide your agents to a high degree of success. BCM Dialler allows you to create a separate call script for each campaign.



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Avaya Compatible
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Case Studies and commentsl
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Local Supply & Support
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Guaranteed Efficiency
50-300% improvement in productivity. Typical customers are doing twice as much with SimpleDial as without...more
Guaranteed Fast ROI
Affordable for 2 to 200 agents. SimpleDial has a typical ROI of less than 6 months... more
Market Research
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Feature Rich
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